Kozhikode HOCKEY is the recognized body to Manage, Control, and Administer the game of Hockey in the District and it is recognized by Kerala State Sports Council. Kozhikod Hockey is the member unit of ‘Kerala Hockey ’, the State Hockey Federation. It is a registered society in the State formed to develop the Game of Hockey.

History says that the British bought all the popular games like Hockey, Football, Cricket etc.to India. These white men were the main route causers who bring the game Hockey here in Kozhikode also. The game of hockey came to Kozhikode from British traders and British soldiers. The tradition of Kozhikode hockey is that the residents of the Kozhikode played against a British team called the "Early Costers", who started the playing game hockey in Kozhikode as a timepass game, with an idea of ​​starting and ending the game at the earlier. The match was played at Mananchira Maidhan. In 1928, India's victory at the Amsterdam Olympics, the triumphant movement was celebrated by the "Kuttan Club" of Kozhikode, the hockey club of that time. The Kuttans club then changed its name to Young Challengers. M.K Madhavan who came as club secretary and then Sri. Ramakrishnan of the Armed Reserve Police and Kunjumoidheen continued the tradition. Hockey has been popularized as an exciting game in schools and colleges. In the late 50s, KT Raguthaman of the Polytechnic wore the colors of Kerala State, followed by Sri Baskaran, MC Divakaran, KP Balan and Hemachandran.