The goal of the Kozhikode Hockey Association is to develop and promote the ideals of responsibility, hard work, sportsmanship, teamwork and fellowship within a safe and positive environment. The individual growth of our community's children is enhanced through the spirit of competition, discipline and fair play. These goals will be accomplished by providing structured programs designed to educate both participants and parents in all aspects of the sport. Kozhikode Hockey is committed to providing youth hockey programs that maintain the highest standards and guarantees a fun, positive experience for everyone involved.


Kozhikode Hockey has a vision to build and grow the hockey association where we are recognized as a unifying and innovative force that creates a positive and nurturing environment. Our hockey programs will create a challenging learning environment that emphasizes fun, skill development, teamwork, and instils a life-long passion for the sport they love. We want to inspire our players to realize their full potential, to learn respect for themselves and others to develop a mind-set of personal responsibility and self-discipline in order to prepare them to face life's challenges.